Practice Policies

Collars & Kennels

Please secure your pets while they are at the clinic.

It can be a busy place in the reception area and sometimes our feline friends can be a little intimidated by our canine ones (and vice versa!). A visit to the vet can also be quite frightening for some patients and they may act and react differently than they do at home and with people and animals that they know well. We respectfully ask that you keep your dog on a lead and cat (or other small pet!) in a well secured carrier while visiting Happy Paws.

Repeat Prescriptions

Veterinary regulating bodies stipulate that medications can only be dispensed following a recent clinical assessment of the patient under our care.

Each case is assessed as an individual and the recheck schedule decided by your treating veterinarian, but typically will be every 3-6 months. Individual circumstances mean that some patients will be required to be seen more frequently to allow continued prescribing of certain medications. A clinical assessment includes a complete physical examination and in some cases additional diagnostics, such as blood or urine tests.

This is in the best interest of your pet and enables us to pick up subtle changes that may have gone unnoticed, make dose adjustments and ensure that the medications are not causing adverse side effects.

Payment Policy

Financial assistance is available on application to a third party finance company.

We understand pet care can be expensive and often emergencies occur at the most unexpected times. Full payment is expected at the time of discharge or at completion of services.

Owners that require financial assistance can apply to VETPAY, OPENPAY or DEFERIT, third party finance companies, for assistance. These payment options will need to be organised prior to commencement of any procedures. The application process is quite quick and we are able to assist you with the process right at the clinic. Please ask one of our friendly team if you would like more information.

Estimate Policy

We aim to always provide owners with an estimate for their pets’ care, often this includes a high and low range cost.

Please understand that every pet is an individual and every surgery specifically tailored. Sometimes the unexpected occurs or procedures take longer than anticipated, and this is then reflected in our billing.

If we foresee costs exceeding the high range estimate we will always endeavour to contact clients for permission prior to incurring these expenses. (So it’s very important that we have a number on the day to reach you!) But of course, we will discuss this with you prior to you leaving your fur baby in our care!

Please note, we can only provide estimates for routine desexing over the phone. For more complex procedures you will need to book an appointment for us to fully assess your pet and give you the most accurate estimate for your individual pet’s care.

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