Can I see the same vet every time I come in?

Yes! You absolutely can. Though Drs Vanessa, Jessica and Emmalene are all very good, it’s ok to have a favourite! Just let whoever is booking you in know your preference and it will be done.

Of course if your pet is ill on your favourite vets’ day off another will be happy to see you; And you’ll soon find that they are all equally as lovely! (They also spend a lot of time discussing cases, so chances are they will know you even if they haven’t actually met you yet!)

I’ve had an estimate for the same procedure elsewhere and the cost is different why would that be?

Here in Australia veterinary fees are generally set by each individual practice. There is not a professional body that regulates the fees. So, you will find that the price for the same procedure may vary (sometimes significantly!) between clinics.

At Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of pet care. This means every animal having an inhalant anaesthetic will have an indwelling intravenous catheter and be given iv fluids during their procedure, all surgical patients receive pain relief in clinic and to go home with and in some cases blood tests may be mandatory.

When comparing veterinary clinics and their set fees, always ask what is included. Some clinics may appear to offer the same procedure at a reduced cost, but please be aware at Happy Paws we do not compromise patient care for the sake of a few dollars!

What do I do if my pet has an emergency?
If something unexpected happens and you have an emergency during opening hours please come straight down and we will assess your pet straight away and provide necessary treatment. If its at all possible give us a call (or have someone else give us a call) to let us know you are coming and we can prepare as much as possible for your arrival.

If it is outside opening hours then please contact the Animal Emergency Service at Carrara

What do I do if my pet is unwell outside of your normal hours?

We believe that if your fur baby is unwell enough to require treatment outside of normal hours that he or she deserves to be treated by a dedicated out of hours team, and not someone who has been working all day and will be back in at work the following morning!

The dedicated team at AES are specially trained in emergency medicine and will take good care of your fur baby when we are closed. They will inform us the following morning about what has gone on.

If it is outside opening hours then please contact the Animal Emergency Service at Carrara

Do you provide a grooming service?
Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic does not do routine grooming, but we can provide advice on shampoos and treatments to keep your pets coat in the best condition. We also have a hydrobath and offer hydrobath services by appointment.

We may be able to assist your feline friend in some areas of grooming where sedation or anaesthetic is required. Please enquire with our nursing team to see if we can cater to your cat’s needs.

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